Marylhurst Youth Symphony

PO BOX 307
Marylhurst, OR 97036

Phone: 503-636-8769

Upcoming Dates


Stop by and see us at our rehearsals! 




12:30 - 2:30 Percussion Ensemble


2:30 - 4:00 String Ensemble


St. Anne's Chapel, Maryhurst University




About Us


Marylhurst Youth Symphony strives to educate and inspire its youth members, and the world around them, through the joy and wonder of music, while promoting a culture of inclusion, respect, dedication, leadership, and service. 


Our WEBSITE is work in progress. We will provide new information about our activities as we move forward. We will start auditions from now on and will continue as needed. We are here to serve our community.  


Music really is the international language! We have seen how true this is again and again. You can come from very different ethnic, cultural, national, racial, economical backgrounds and play music from the same page.


Children are welcome to start making music with us here. The students get to learn music on different levels and have lots of fun in the process - they get to move around, even learn some music theory along the way.


New kids in the group are welcomed with open arms and feel at home right away. It is important to socialize and have fun. 


We also get into Math and Sciences that is fun! Our holistic approach results in new experiences.  That's a lot of fun. 


We are happy to have any new addition to our family. Just drop by. You're bound to like it!

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